angels show devlish side after reclaiming fleury

by GFHL Insider Bob McKinsey

The Angels of Harlem became the first team in GFHL history to claim back-to-back championships when they defeated Soundwave's Brigade Saturday night. The title is the Angels' third in five seasons, an impressive achievement to be sure. And yet, it's the Angels' private party after the big game that has tongues wagging, as the Angels proved that they too have a devil inside.

The evening started innocently enough, with team captain Ryan Kesler looking dapper as he met the media after accepting the trophy.

Ryan Kesler, Two Time Champ

Asked how he was going to celebrate in this, his second consecutive summer with Fleury, Kesler adjusted his halo and beamed as he spoke of plans to take the coveted grail on a tour of orphanages, soup lines and children's hospitals to bring joy to those less fortunate.

Imagine our surprise, then, when Twitter lit up with leaks from the Angels' private post-game party at a Dublin pub. First came indisputible proof that known party boys Mike Richards and Jeff Carter haven't left their wicked ways behind after all (check out the bloodshot eyes on Carter - and no, those lovely ladies aren't their wives):

Richards, Carter drunk... again

Then, Richards lost any semblance of good sense, tweeting the photo that will no doubt dog his team throughout the summer:

@Ryan_Kesler shows his championship form! #beastmode

Kesler gets up close and too personal with Fleury

To which Carter quickly replied:

LMAO. Award-winning bod, Kes! Don't let MacPhisto see ya doing that tho.

For his part, Kesler composed himself long enough to fire back:

Maybe if @JC_17 wasn't in the drunk tank the past month, he'd have contributed to the win. #DryIslandMyA$$

Just boys having fun? Maybe. But this kind of controversy is not what Angels' GM The Fly needs as he heads into a crucial off-season for his team. At least seven members of the team's core have played their last game for the squad, so the Fly has his hands full already as he prepares for an unprecedented three-peat in 2013. Now he must go into damage control mode as he seeks to repair his organization's saintly reputation.

Pekka Rinne only got into one game in the championship final, but his shutout against the Brigade's Kari Lehtonen was the turning point in the match-up.